How do you draw a Moose Easy

How do you draw a Moose with this how to video and step by step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners ans all.

How do you draw a Moose

Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon moose easily? Now you can with the help of this step-by-step animal drawing tutorial.

The moose is a type of deer, so it has a large antler on its head. You will draw these using curved lines that meet at points.

Please see Moose drawing tutorial in the video below

Easy Moose Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Start sketching cartoons easily by drawing faces. Use a long, curved line to outline the muzzle. Enclose two ovals for the nostrils and a series of successively smaller ovals for the eyes. Ball one refers to the student. Outline the eyes and corners of the mouth with curved lines.

Step 2

Use curved lines that meet in sharp points to draw the ears. Then, use curved lines to trace over the jaw and the frilly flesh that dangles from the neck.

Step 3

Draw the first large antler. Extend a pair of curved lines from the top of the head. Enclosed with a tuft of shaggy hair at its base. Use short curved lines that meet at jagged points.

Step 4

Extend another pair of lines on the opposite side of the head. Use a wide “W” shaped line to connect each pair of lines at the top.

Step 5

Extend a long, curved line from the antlers to trace the moose’s shoulders and back. Double the end of the rope backwards to form the moose’s tail.

Step 6

Use a long, curved line doubled over to draw the moose’s leg. Notice the bulges in the knees and feet. Extend a line from the hem to the feet.

Step 7

Draw the remaining front leg, again using a long curved line and doubling it back on itself. Then draw a curved horizontal line to form the stomach.

Step 8

Draw the hind leg, again using a curved line twice as long as itself. Notice the bulge of the foot and the point at the back of the leg. Connect the legs to the tail using a curved line.

Step 9

Draw the leg last, again using a curved line twice as long as itself. Then, close the hooves, one at the bottom of each leg.

Step 11

Your simple cartoon moose sketch is now complete. Color your moose. We’ve colored our example brown. Elk can be so dark brown that they appear almost black.

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