How to Draw a Carnival Step by Step

How to Draw a Carnival with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Included are 9 easy steps to follow, Beginnes will enjoy creating their own carnival on paper. Also included is a downloadable version of this carnival drawing tutorial.

How to Draw a Carnival

Please see Carnival drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Carnival simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. First draw the ticket icon

Start by writing the word “TICKETS”. Next, create a border around the written text.

Step 2. Add ticket counter

Now, draw a pair of vertical lines attached to the bottom part of the ticket. Create the base of the ticket counter by creating a rectangular outline and then adding three vertical lines.

Step 3. Create the tent roof

First, create the triangular outline of the tent roof. Next, add diagonal lines to draw the roof’s striped pattern.

Step 4. Create the base of the tent

Now, attach the vertical stakes on both sides of the tent. Then add the rectangular base.

Step 5. Fill the carnival booth with games

For the festival booth on the left, add a bottle border on the horizontal base as shown. For the right carnival booth, create a dartboard by drawing ring shapes.

Step 6. Draw the roller coaster line

First, draw the wavy outline of the roller coaster track. Then add support beams by drawing vertical columns.

Step 7. Add a Ferris wheel

Add a Ferris wheel to our carnival by first drawing the outer ring called the wheel. Next, draw a smaller circle in the middle to form the axis of the ferris wheel. Don’t forget to attach the stroller to the ferris wheel!

Step 8. Attach spokes

Draw the stick-shaped outline of the spokes attached to the wheel and the axle of the ferris wheel.

Step 9. Complete the carnival drawing

Let’s add some color to our festive painting! First, fill the tent roofs of the carnival booths with yellow, blue, orange and red crayons. Next, use a dark brown pen to fill in the stakes on both sides of the tent. Now, use an orange pen to color the background of the carnival booths. Use yellow, green and blue colored pencils to color the bottle and blue colored pencils for the platform. For the dartboard, use yellow, blue, and red pens. Then, color the interior of the booth with a dark blue pencil. Fill in the background of the ticket with a white pencil. Use brown to color the top of the ticket counter. For the bottom part of the ticket counter, use red and white markers. Then, shade the coaster line with a light blue pencil and the support bars with a gray pencil. Finally, use a pink pencil to color the roller coaster car and an orange pencil to color the rest of the roller coaster.

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