How to draw a Column Step by Step


Column Drawing Step by Step

Step 1
Now we draw a rectangle. Notice its very smooth extension down. In this lesson, more than ever, we will argue that drawing without tools is very helpful to develop your skills. Try to draw this shape and depict its smoothness.

Step 2
Above and below the column is a flat base. Let’s draw it. The bottom sole should be flatter than the top sole. As in the first step, it would be great if you could draw it without the help of a ruler.

Step 3
Now let’s draw a rectangular part of our column base. They may not be perfectly smooth and straight.

Step 4
We almost drew a very cute neck column. Now we will add a small loop to the top of the column. If you like minimalism, you can skip this step.

Step 5
This is the penultimate step of the column drawing tutorial. As in the other drawing lessons, we’ll clean up the entire drawing and erase the superfluous guides.

Step 6
You can leave the column without the shadow. However, if you want to draw realistically, you should work with shadows. Apply a thin strip of bloom to the side of the column. Notice that there is some light between the shadow and the edge of the column. The shadow on the ground will be a great final stroke for our drawing.

You can use this drawing lesson in case you are drawing an entire building with multiple columns. You can also draw a separate column. In any case, we hope that you will get excellent results.

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