How to draw a Floor Plan Step by Step

How to draw a Floor Plan with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. easy drawing tutorial for beginners and all.


Please see Floor Plan drawing tutorial in the video below

On our website there is a category called “Home”, in which we usually publish everything related to furniture. Normally, we draw things like couches or chairs, but today we decided to draw something without which it is impossible to imagine a single house – the floor. So let’s move on to the tutorial on how to paint the floor.

Floor Plan Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Today we are going to paint a classic parquet floor. To do this, we will draw long straight lines, the distance between them increasing as they get closer to us. By the way, to improve your skills, try to practice drawing these lines without using a ruler.

Step 2

Let’s make our lines more like tables. Using short lines, we draw vertical lines on the floor, like in the example below. Try to convey the size of the board and perspective to make the drawing look more realistic and massive.

Step 3

Let’s draw a wood texture on our floor. We will do this with the help of smooth and uneven lines. Try to make the lines more diverse. Also try not to make the lines too dark.

This super simple drawing lesson is about how to paint wooden floors. You can draw the board with or without a ruler. You can also diversify your drawing by changing the patterns on the floor. If you’ve learned how to paint floors, you can draw things like a table or armchair on your floor.

You can see more drawing:


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