How to Draw Coraline Step by Step

How to Draw Coraline with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. You will definitely enjoy this lesson.

How to Draw Coraline

Please see Coraline drawing tutorial in the video below

I am happy to bring to your attention this wonderful tutorial in which I can tell and show you how to draw Coraline step by step. This simple lesson consists of nine steps, each with a detailed description.

You should have no trouble following this tutorial, as I have designed this tutorial especially for beginner artists and kids. Completing this lesson will help you practice drawing characters and people, depicting their facial expressions and emotions. The ability to draw different emotions of people and characters is one of the most important skills for artists.

So now that you know a little more about this character, you probably want to learn how to draw this character as soon as possible. You can prepare your drawing tools now, then start drawing Coraline step by step. Be careful and take your time when doing this lesson, and then you will surely get a great drawing.

Coraline Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of Coraline’s head.
To complete this simple step, you need to draw an arc, as shown in the figure.

Step 2. Add the contours of the hair.
Draw some curved lines around the drawn arc, as well as two straight lines at the bottom.

Step 3. Sketch the character’s ears and facial expressions.
Draw eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth, and ears, dots and curves.

Step 4. Add contour to Coraline’s upper body and her outfit.
Below the drawn head, depict Coraline’s torso with arms bent at the elbows, draw a cape.

Step 5. Sketch Coraline’s neck and pockets.
Draw two lines between the head and body previously drawn, adding a long belt to the bag.

Step 6. Draw Coraline’s Hands.
To complete this step, you should use curved and wavy lines as shown in the image.

Step 7. Add the contours of the upper part of Coraline’s legs.
Below the body drawn earlier, depict Coraline’s symmetrical legs with curved lines.

Step 8. Draw the bottom of Coraline’s legs and shoes.
Below the previously drawn curves, draw the outline of the two boots, as shown in the figure.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
To color Coraline, use green, shades of blue, beige, brown and burgundy.

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