How to draw Female bodies Step by Step

How to draw Female bodies easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to draw Female bodies

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, this is a woman’s face, as you can see, the female body is full of curves and softness. From face shape to eyebrow shape too!

Step 2

Now, as faces, here is a little trick, how do you draw women of other ages and other ages like children (1) or teenagers (2) or mature woman (3) or old woman (4. Just a small example for your help!

Step 3

Eyes are really important to a woman, because they can be irresponsible (2), or sinful (3), or feminine (4), or childish, it’s your choice. , which is better for your female figure.

Step 4

And now, some tips and tricks for hairstyles. As you can see, women’s hair has a lot of arcs and soft lines!

Step 5

And in the face and hair, I want to show you that women’s bodies have a lot of curves and soft lines, their whole body has this line too. Now, let’s see the next step!

Step 6

As you can see in the previous step, you can clearly see the female anatomy. Now here are some body types because not everyone has the same body. Usually the bust and the hips are about the same width, but here women are more of a body type. Some women have bigger hips than her breasts, some women have bigger breasts than her hips, or have a masculine body, it also always depends on her genetics.

Step 7

Perspective is also very important, when you want to draw your female figure, because that’s not okay, if you don’t know, what will be bigger and smaller in a scene. Here are some tips!

Step 8

And as a final tip, here are some posing examples for female characters. As their body, their movements are also soft! If you want to see more female poses, check out the following pinups photo!

Step 9

We are here in the “How to draw woman figure” section! First, draw the baselines of the shape.

Step 10

First, let’s draw the shape of the face!

Step 11

Now draw the eyes with her eyebrows. When you can see her face in a side view, you can draw it more easily!

Step 12

Now draw the little details on her face, like her mouth, nose, and finish off her eyes too!

Step 13

Draw a larger sequel, to create the base for her long hair!

Step 14

Draw small details on her hair, now you can see a lot of soft lines!

Step 15

And now draw the basic shape of her arm. (Since her arms are the frame of her back, you don’t have to separate them from each other!)

Step 16

Draw small details on her back, arms and fingers! It’s a bit more difficult part, but not too hard!

Step 17

And now, draw the basic form of her clothes!

Step 18

Then draw details, lines on her clothes!

Step 19

And now, for the last bigger part, let’s draw the base shape of her legs!

Step 20

As a partial step, draw separate lines of the legs, now you can clearly see both legs!

Step 21

And this is the end of the “How to Draw the Female Bodies” tutorial! I really enjoyed drawing this tutorial with you guys, and I hope, you guys enjoyed it too. Now, the only thing, what you need, is to go and color your own female figure! Well done, guys!

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