How to Draw a Mailbox Step by Step

How to Draw a Mailbox with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Learn to draw easy for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a Mailbox

Please see the Mailbox drawing tutorial in the video below

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a mailbox. This is a box designed to deliver correspondence. The design of the box may vary.

The mailbox can be located inside the apartment building on the wall or it can be located on the street. Such a street box has supports and a small metal box for collecting letters.

In the picture, you see a standard street box. The box is placed horizontally on a metal pole. The lid is semicircular, the door is on the side. On the surface of the box there is a flag that signals the presence of mail. This is the most popular model.

You can easily draw such a box if you patiently follow all the drawing steps and use the little tips. So prepare all the art supplies and you can start the lesson.

Mailbox Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the front of the box.
Draw a horizontal line and two curved lines on either side.

Step 2. Add the bottom edge of the box.
Draw a horizontal line at the bottom.

Step 3. Draw the side of the box.
On the right, draw a curved line in the shape of an arch and a horizontal line.

Step 4. Draw the outline of the door.
Sketch a smooth line on the side.

Step 5. Describe the support.
Draw three vertical lines.

Step 6. Sketch the grass.
At the bottom of the post, draw the grass with a few zigzag lines.

Step 7. Unleash the signal flag.
On the side of the box, draw a small horizontal flag.

Step 8. Add texture.
On the surface of boxes and columns, draw short, thin lines to make the box look more realistic.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
Choose gray for the box, brown for the post. Color the green grass and red flag.

You can see more drawing:


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