How to Draw Sneakers Step by Step || Shoe Drawing

How to Draw Sneakers easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw Sneakers

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

We’ll start with the outline of the shoe in this step of the how to draw sneakers tutorial. In the tutorial, we’ll draw one shoe, but you’ll have the tools you need to draw another at the end of the tutorial.

Now, we will sketch the front of the shoe’s upper. You can start with a rounded triangle for the front of the shoe.

Then, the two curves below will form the front of the sole.

Finally, we’ll use a bumpy line that extends up at an angle to the front of the shoe. It will be bumpy like this as it will be the border of the lanyard later.

Once you’ve recreated these details, you’re ready for the next part!

Step 2 – Draw the rest of the contour for the sneakers

In this second part of your sneakers drawing, we’ll finalize the outline of the sneakers so you can start adding some details.

First, using the reference image as a guide, you can draw a long line of lace from near the top of the sneakers down and down.

Then, use some more slight curves to complete the thick sole of the sneaker.

Finally, you can finish contouring the back and top of the sneakers, as shown in the reference image. Then move on to step 3!

Step 3 – Now draw some laces for the sneakers

This step in our how to draw sneakers tutorial might look a bit complicated, but it’s not that difficult!

We’ll be drawing the ropes in this section, and it might seem a bit tricky due to the way the ropes are criss-crossed.

Simply draw some curved lines to create thick ties, each of which will end in a slightly rounded line for the holes they go into.

Be sure to refer to the image carefully as you draw, as it will assist you as you position the lanyards.

Step 4 – Add some details to the sneakers

We will continue to add some details to your sneakers drawing in this next step. To do this, we’ll draw some curves going down from near the top of the shoe and down to the bottom.

These lines will also enclose the holes where the lanyard goes in and out. There will also be some small line detailing added to the sole of the shoe.

Once these lines are added, you’ll be ready to add some final details in the next step of the tutorial, so move on!

Step 5 – Now you can draw the final details

In this fifth step of our tutorial on how to draw sneakers, we’ll add some final details to really complete the drawing.

We’ll show you just a few of the decorative elements we’ve chosen, but you can also paint some more of your own if you’d like!

First, we add a circle with a star inside of it to one side for the first decoration. Then we added some small circles and rectangles all over the shoe along with some extra line details.

This is what we did, but you can also add some extra details and elements of your own!

You can also draw the background, or you can take what you learned in this tutorial and draw a second matching pair of sneakers next to it. What ideas will you use for this drawing before coloring in the next step?

Step 6 – Complete your sneakers drawing with some colors

Now you can relax with some coloring fun when you finish this picture! You can add some color to your wonderful painting.

We used orange, blue, and gray mainly for our example, but this is just a hint of how you can color in this image!

You really should let your creativity and imagination run wild to bring this picture to life. You can make the colors bright and bold, make them more subtle and muted, or you can combine both!

Once you know what colors you want to use, it’s up to you to choose what art medium you’ll use to bring the colors to life.

You can use things like acrylic paints or crayons for a brighter look, or use something like watercolors and crayons to create something more muted.

What would you choose to complete your sneakers drawing?

Your sneakers drawing is done!

You have completed all six steps of this how to draw sneakers tutorial! Sometimes objects like sneakers can be difficult to draw, so we hope that this tutorial will make drawing easier and more fun than you could have expected.

Now you can take it further with your own touches! You can decorate these sneakers any way you want to create your perfect pair of shoes.

There are tons of touches you can make, so make sure to have fun with it and see what happens! We look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

When you’re ready for more drawing fun, we hope to see you on our site!

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