How to draw an avocado step by step

How to draw an avocado easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw fruits for beginners and everyone.

How to draw a avocado

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

The first step is obviously not a surprise. Here we draw the outline of the avocado. As you can see, it looks like an intersection between pears and light bulbs, and an avocado cross-section drawing. With very light hand movements, we need to draw the outline of the avocado in the form of such a simple sketch.

Step 2

Now we add a small circle at the top of the avocado, adding leaves at the base of the fruit. We draw in a simple style of avocado with stems and leaves. Alternatively, you can draw a trunk and a few elongated leaves at this step.

Step 3

Avocado is never completely smooth as you know it. Therefore, we now sketch small, short, smooth lines on the left and bottom edges of the butter drawing. Apply a hatched light to the right part to mark the shadow. You can also outline a shadow on the surface, to avoid the effect of a ball hanging in the air.

Step 4

Next in the section of the avocado we draw the inner rings to form layers of the fruit and don’t forget the nut of the avocado.

Step 5

Finally, color over the butter you’ve just drawn.

Therefore, the drawing tutorial on how to draw an avocado has been successfully completed and you only need to consolidate your skills. To complement the drawing, and reach a higher skill level, you can add more details. For example, you can draw an avocado inside a jar with apples and pears. Create different versions of still life with this fruit and other items you can also find on We only take a short break before taking the really challenging lessons. If you want to quickly start new complex lessons, don’t forget to write about it in the comments. By the way, these simple drawing lessons are useful for beginners who work with geometric shapes. Do not forget that on our website there are many different fruits to paint. If you draw some simple vegetables, fruits or other things, it’s much easier to work with harder drawing lessons.

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