How to Draw Punisher Step by Step

How to Draw Punisher easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for beginners and kids.

How to Draw Punisher

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Cartooning Club How to Draw

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

The first step is to draw the stickman. Check out the post where we showed you how to draw Captain America. The first step of this lesson covers the rules for drawing a human figure.

Step 2

First draw the neck – it should look like a short cylinder that serves as a support for the head. Then draw large circles located on the upper part of the arm. These circles are the deltoid muscles of the elderly. Then connect these shapes to the neck. Now let’s draw the hands. Look at this diagram, in which we mark the main muscles of the older, forearms and fists:
Elderly biceps;
Arm muscles. This muscle is located on the inner side of the shoulder;
Triceps. This muscle is located on the outside of the shoulder. The triceps form the entire outer contour of the shoulder;
Arm. This part of the arm has a little thickening below the elbow;
Handshakes. They look like a pentagos. Don’t forget about weapons – the contours of this gun consist of straight lines.
Then draw the body. It is wide at the top and then tapers towards the pelvis. The upper body is wide for large pectoral muscles and tails.
Okay, let’s draw the contours of the legs. The silhouette of the foot is formed:
Femur. Major muscles include: quadriceps (anterior region), biceps femoris (back) and midbrain group. In this step, these muscles look like simple outer contours without details;
Knee joints. With the outer surface of the knee joint surrounded by the patella, the small round bone;
Foot tube. This body part thickens just below the top. Thickening strengthens and develops leg muscles;
Feet. Just a few long numbers.
The first part of this step is drawing the face. First draw the vertical line of the face simulation. Then draw a line marking the position of the hair. Below this line is a slightly curved eyeliner. Below you can see the lines of the nose and the month.

Step 3

Ok, we continue to draw Punisher from Marvel. This step will be very short, unnecessary after the previous step. So let’s detail the face. There is an important rule that the top edge of the ear should be in a plane with the eyebrows and the bottom edge with the tip of the nose.
However, in our case, the Punisher’s head is tilted downwards, so the upper part of the ear is above the eyebrow, while the lower part is above the tip of the nose. Close-up view:

Step 4

It’s finally time to embarrass the Punisher. First, don’t forget to draw the hair – the right way is from the roots to the ends. Then draw the eyes and the crease between the eyes (close-up view):

Step 5

Okay, let’s draw the Punisher’s body. First darken the lines between the neck and shoulders, then draw a line that looks like short oblique lines. Then draw the Punisher’s skull.

Step 6

Remove all unnecessary lines from hand. It’s easy if you know how to look at the major muscle groups of your hand (see step two). But drawing palms isn’t easy, that’s why we made these plans:

Step 7

We continue the tutorial in which we told how to draw Punisher step by step. Now we will darken the contours of the legs. Also in this step, draw the folds of skin on the boot.
Alright, let’s finish this tutorial. Now we have a step in which we will draw the shadows. As you can see, shadow drawing consists of two stages:
First draw the contours of the shadow and draw lines inside it:
Then paint these areas black. You can use a black pencil or a soft pencil

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