How to draw darth vader Step by Step

How to draw darth vader easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw step by step for Beginners and everyone.

How to draw darth vader Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Let’s start with the stikman – the man made of a stick and a circle, which we draw to represent the basic proportions of the character, his pose and position on the paper. As we know from previous drawing lessons on characters with similar poses and figures (how to draw Batman, for example), the male growth rate is the sum of the lengths of the seven or seven halves. its head, 4 of which fall on its legs.
And as in all the other lessons, we start from the head, which we denote by the oval. Then use simple lines to draw the spine, shoulders, and limbs. Draw the joints of the knees and elbows with short strokes.

Step 2

In this step, we add volume to today’s figure. Draw the neck using a short cylinder. Outline the body using the large cylinder. Using the lines from the previous step, circle the arms (from top to bottom), using two cylinders and a square. Use a triangle to draw the pelvis and move to the legs. Use the shape of elongated cylinders to outline the legs. Note that most of the pins will not be visible at the end of the lesson.
Legs can be divided into three parts – thighs, shins and feet. The thighs narrow toward the knee, the lower leg narrows at the characteristic curvature of the calf muscle, and then narrows toward the foot.

Step 3

In this step, we add some general details to the Darth Vader figure. As we all know, Darth Vader has outstanding costume features, such as a helmet and a splendid cape. Straighten these elements of the suit in this step. But first we mark two lines of symmetry on the face – vertical and horizontal.
Note, the lines must be very smooth and light so that they can be easily erased in the next steps. Also, notice that the diagonal lines are in the center of the face. Now wear a helmet.
Draw the circle of the top of the helmet as shown in our sample. And also draw the outline of the helmet like in our example. Next – cloak. Draw it using two smooth and diverging lines.

Step 4

By the way, did you know that the costume Darth Vader sketched for the first part of the epic (ie volume 4) was drawn from samurai armor?
Just below the horizontal line of the eye draw an oblong, flattened orbit, below it draw two arcs, one each below the orbit. Then, at the bottom of the oval of the face, we draw an equilateral triangle and connect it using lines with the eye sockets, like in our example. Also note that in a similar outfit, Sith wears a costume from the popular game «Star Wars Old Republic»

Step 5

Erase excess guides from Darth Vader’s mask, draw bold brow lines on the helmet, draw a triangle in the lower part of the mouth. Try to duplicate all the details of the mask, like in our example.

Step 6

As you can see, we draw our dark lord from the top down. In this step we draw the cape. To create a lifelike cape, we need to add some vertical folds and flaps of tissue. In fact, folds are formed when the cape falls off the shoulders, they diverge and become more frequent towards the end.

Step 7

We outline the folds of the fabric on the torso, draw the contours of the chest panel. By the way, Darth Vader’s suit is more than just armor, it also represents a complex system of medical devices that support breathing and other vital functions in the body of the mutilated Sith Lord. trim. You can do the same with Tony Stark, Iron Man, the suit also includes a chest patch with a complex mechanism, supporting important processes.

Step 8

Draw the board, which rests on the body and a large plate, on which to mount the board. Under the plate, draw a belt with a large buckle. Also draw the folds of the fabric, which are formed by the belt stretching very tightly.
Then draw a part of the armor covering the groin (Similar to a protective item is the clothes of the athletes). In this step we draw the arms, more precisely the visible parts of the arms. Using the lines from the previous steps, draw the hands, marking on them phalanges and knuckles.

Step 9

We proceed to the last step in our Darth Vader drawing tutorial. In this step we draw the legs. Draw smooth lines on Darth Vader’s shoes. Use very light long short vertical and horizontal lines to draw the texture of our villain’s pants. Also don’t forget to add some folds to the pants and shoes.

So the lesson is over. In this tutorial we have shown how to draw Darth Vader – the most famous character in Star Wars. If your drawing doesn’t look as good as it should, then don’t despair, go back to the beginning and repeat all the steps again. Also try to draw Darth Vader in different poses. Keep stable!

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