How to draw Pluto from Mickey Mouse Step by Step

How to draw Pluto from Mickey Mouse easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for kids and beginners.

How to draw Pluto from Mickey Mouse

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

At first, outline the head of Pluto. The head looks like a small circle, the elongated body looks like a pea (or similar to the Minion’s body), and the neck – just a smooth line connecting these two shapes. Pay attention to the head and body size, try to keep the proportions like in our example.

Step 2

This step seems very difficult but if you divide it into several stages then you will understand and not get confused. To begin with, we note that we will be making the silhouette of Pluto in a head-to-toe direction, i.e. we will work overhead at first. Draw the functions, essentially consisting of two identical figures, the upper part slightly larger than the lower one.

Then we go below and draw the limbs. We recommend drawing the limb first, then the hind limb. The lines should be rounded and smooth. Pay attention to the size of the lower parts of the limbs – they are quite massive. At the end of this step, we outline the tail.

Step 3

This step is also quite simple. In this step we draw Pluto’s face. His eyes look like two elongated ovals. Then draw the pupil inside the eye. Pay attention to their position in the corner of the eye – this is important, as it helps to redirect the gaze. Next, draw brow creases (they are parallel to the outer edge of the eye). Then draw round, elongated ears, tongue and nose.

Step 4

Erase superfluous guides and unnecessary strokes from the face. When drawing a few folds on the nose, circle the head, using clear, confident lines. Incidentally, Pluto – is not the only famous dog on our site. We also have a lesson on how to draw Brian Griffin.

Step 5

Extremely important Pluto accessory – a necklace. Please note that the collar should sit freely and it should be at the bottom of the neck. In fact, it would rather lie on the shoulder of the pole.

Step 6

Start drawing the limbs of Pluto. Circle their contours and outline the fingers – three on each foot. Also do not forget about the folds of skin in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe flexion of the limbs, as well as in the areas where the limbs join the trunk.

Step 7

We perform the same operation with the following pins, namely, draw their contours and delete the superfluous guides of the previous steps. Draw the tail.

Step 8

It remains only to draw Pluto’s pupils, ears, nose and mouth. And don’t forget to paint the tail.

It’s a drawing lesson for how to draw Pluto the Pup. Lessons prepared for you by the artists of, goodbye!

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