How to draw rocket raccoon step by step

How to draw rocket raccoon easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Cartoon drawing tutorials for beginners and kids.

how to draw rocket raccoon

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

We start, as always, with a man made of a stick and a circle, which we draw to show the proportions of the character, his pose and position on the paper.

Of course, this ratio is very far from the ratio of adult men, here stickman will be closer to the lessons of young children. Compared to the body the head looks very small. Incidentally, the head should be marked with two lines – the vertical line will show the symmetry of the face and the horizontal line of the eyes. Notice how these two lines bend – it needs to be bent to overcome the slightly tilted position of the head.

Step 2

Before proceeding with this step, be sure to double-check all the proportions of the previous step, as it will be very difficult to correct the error. Use a diamond shape to outline the face, then draw the angular contours of the ears. Then we go down and outline the contours of the body (it looks like a rectangle) and the groin (looks like a triangle).

Focus on the stickman’s lines, draw the outlines of the arms and weapons. We can’t see Raccoon’s muscles, but the hand is divided into three very clear and obvious parts – upper arm, forearm and hand (here the palm is clenched, pay attention to the size) of them).

It’s still the legs, their upper part looks like a cylinder, and the lower part (we can see the whole of Raccoon’s left leg) is much sleeker and thinner. Note the bends of the shins and try to draw them as accurately as possible. Outline the contours of the tail and the next move.

Step 3

Now, since the figure is ready, you can start detailing. We start, as always, from the top down, that is from the face. Using the stickman line, outline the position of the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Note that the corners of the eyebrows on the right are a bit sharper than the same places on the left – that’s due to the head rotation. In the same step, draw the lines of the ears.

Step 4

In this step of the lesson on how to draw Rocket Raccoon, we have completed the first part. Draw the messy hair on the sides of the head. Draw small and angry eyes. Draw parted lips with small teeth.

Step 5

Draw the outline of the arms and body, draw a small strap with a buckle. Circle the contours of the arms – pay special attention to the gloves, they are very high (fully covering the forearm). Sketch his fingers and knuckles like in the example below. And you can visit hand drawing lessons, to learn more.

Step 6

Outline the outlines of the tail, draw horizontal bands and paint over them using the brush stroke. It is best to do it in two stages – first outline the contours of the strip, and then paint over the contours. Here circle the leg lines and draw small, sharp nails on the feet.

Step 7

So we have come to the final step of the tutorial on how to draw Rocket Raccoon. Remove extra principles from our hero image. Add some detail to Raccoon’s outfit, outlining the ankle on his left leg.

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