How to Draw a Steam Train for Beginners

Train is one of the means of road transport that many people are traveling today. It makes traveling from one place to another more convenient. As a series of connected vehicles, trains can carry more people than other vehicles.

Trains also have a separate passage called a railway. And without it, the train cannot run. A rail is a set of rails made of steel rails that are strong enough for a train wheel to roll on. In the early days, they were made of wood or iron. Today, there are modern trains equipped with power lines that make trains run faster.

If you are one of those kids who love to draw trains then here are some simple steps on how to draw your favorite train.

How to Draw a Steam Train

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1: Draw the body

Let’s start drawing your favorite steamship. The first thing you need to draw is the hull. The hull is where people can sit and ride. Draw a rectangle in the center of your paper.

Step 2: Draw the control box

This part of the ship is very important. This is where we find the train operator. Without this, our train would not run. Draw the control box correctly. On the upper left side of the body or rectangle, draw half a box in front of the edge of the 1-inch rectangle.

Step 3: Draw the front

This time, let’s draw the front area of ​​our train. Have you seen the turtle shell? If so, draw a turtle shell on the right side of the rectangle. Make sure to take up space in front. Then on the left side of the control box, draw the smaller size of a square.

Step 4: Remove redundant lines

After creating the control box and front area, remove some lines that are not present in your train build. Erase the lines between the control box and delete the vertical line between the turtle shell and the hull.

Step 5: Draw the big window and wheel

In this step, let’s start drawing the controller window. Inside the control box, in the center, draw two small boxes 1 inch apart. Then draw a large circle on the left side of the hull that overlaps. The edge and another large circle are 1 inch away from the first large circle you drew earlier.

Step 6: Draw the little wheels

There are big cakes and there are small cakes. These wheels should be two lengths apart from the larger wheels. Draw two small circles in front of the train. Make sure that the small circle will only touch the bodice line. They should be ½ length apart.

Step 7: Add chimney and roof

It is very important to install an additional roof for the control box to protect our beloved driver inside. To draw the roof, draw a horizontal line 1 inch from the control box. The horizontal line must be the same length as the control box. On both sides of this horizontal line, draw a diagonal line down, then draw a small horizontal line to connect it to the control box. Same on the other side.

Next, draw an upward vertical rectangle near the front area. And this is our fireplace. In between the chimney and the controller, the box has a small turtle shell drawn on the upper body. Add a curve on top of your two windows in the control box.

Step 8: Add Front and Metal Bars

Let’s add metal to the front of the train by drawing a semi-triangle that connects to the area in front of the train. Then place a rod on the wheel to help the wheels roll together. Need to be behind the wheel and tied to the hull. Add a horizontal rectangle on top of the vertical rectangle you drew earlier. It’s the fireplace. In your viewport, delete the lines in between the curve and the box. To make your window more beautiful.

Step 9: Add more details

Let’s make our train more attractive, add some details to it. Let’s start with the roof, draw a connected curve on the horizontal line connecting the roof and the control box. Next, add two very thin long rectangles inside your train. This is located at the bottom left of the control box. Add a semicircle in the case drawn in between the controller and the chimney. Divide the lower part’s carriage front triangle into 3 parts to ensure the same dimensions.

Step 10: Add Wheel Details

To make our wheels stand out, let’s draw a smaller circle inside each wheel. You can use centavo coins to make your little circle perfect. Draw a three curved line on the hull, start doing it in front and remember to measure the distance of the curve. Make a 1-inch gap in each curve. Add a metal rod to the metal facade that you divide into three to join them.

Step 10: Add Wheel Details

To emphasize our wheels, let’s draw a smallest circle inside each wheel. You can use centavo coins to make your little circle perfect. Draw a three curved line on the hull, start doing it in front, making sure to measure the distance of the curve. 1 inch apart in each curve. Add a metal rod to the metal front that you divided into three to join them together.

Step 11: Add Rods and Lines

You are almost done! To draw a circle in the wheels, take an object that looks like a circle and is slightly smaller than the two large wheels. Then trace it inside two large circles. Find another object that is round and smaller than the little wheels you drew earlier. Then track it inside the little wheel. Then double the 3 curves you drew earlier in the body of the train.

Step 12: Finish!

At this point, I’ll give you a chance to color your train in your favorite colors. I trust your creativity. You can do it. Then, after coloring your train, show it to your family. Then stick it inside your room or your home so others will see how good you are at your drawing and coloring skills. Hold it up!

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