How to Draw a Biplane Step by Step

If you want a challenge, you can also try drawing this primitive airplane called “Biplane”. This plane has two pairs of superimposed wings and two wheels at the front.

How to Draw a Biplane

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1: draw the body

Start by drawing an imperfect triangle with a curved edge on the other side. This shape will be your fuselage and will be the basis of your drawing.

Step 2: draw the wing guide

Next, we’ll draw the path of the wing by adding a long rectangle above the first step. And make sure the shape is slightly angled to add the right perspective in our drawing.

Step 3: draw the upper and lower wings

In this step you will add the top and bottom wings by drawing two oblong shapes on the sides of the rectangle you drew earlier. Make sure there is a straight line down the middle of the oblong shapes for good balance on your wings and for better design.

Step 4: Delete extra rows

This step is very simple to perform. You just need to erase the wing guide you drew earlier and erase the lines on your wing. This step will highlight the wings of your aircraft.

Step 5: Delete overlapping lines in the body

Just like step 4, you will need to remove a few extra lines but this time it is to show off your fuselage and wings. By removing the overlapping lines, you will be able to show exactly which is the fuselage and which is the wing of the plane.

Step 6: Add a nose tutorial

Now that we’ve finished the fuselage and wings, it’s time to move on to the nose of the plane. You can do this by drawing a small rectangle near the right edge of your imperfect triangle. This will serve as your nose guide and become the base of your propeller.

Step 7: draw the nose and the wheel

The next step you need to do is draw your airplane nose and wheels. For the nose, simply create a curved triangle in the direction of the nose and let one side of the shape overlap the edge.

For the wheel, simply draw an oval under the plane. One shape should be drawn higher than the other to add consistency to your drawing.

Step 8: draw the body

Start by drawing a large imperfect oval representing the fuselage. The shape should be larger on one side and sharper on the other. This is how you can emphasize the location of the tail and the nose of the plane.

Step 9: Connect all the pieces

In this step we will connect all the pieces by drawing zigzag lines between the fenders and another zigzag line between the wheels. Also, we are going to draw the propeller by drawing 3 ovals extending to the nose of your plane.

Once you’ve completed the zigzags and helixes, it’s time to add the tail by drawing 3 curved triangles. One should be drawn vertically on the edge and the other two should be drawn horizontally – one on each side.

Step 10: Delete extra rows

In this step we will remove all extra lines to highlight all parts of your plane. By removing the excess lines, you’ll have a cleaner drawing and a much cooler outline.

Step 11: draw the last lines

In this last step, we will put the finishing touches on your plane. Draw circles inside your wheel and draw more curves on the nose of your plane. Once done, you have your plane! Congratulations!

You are then free to add your name on the fuselage and draw whatever you want. Feel free to express your creativity after following all the steps.


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