How to draw avatar korra step by step

How to draw avatar korra easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for beginners and kids.

How to draw avatar korra

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Cartooning Club How to Draw

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Let’s draw stickman (in this case – stickwomen). Look at the tutorial on how to draw a girl. This post covers the main rules of drawing female figures. But Korra’s shoulders were slightly wider than the shoulders of a normal girl.

Step 2

In this step we will work on the drawing of the silhouette. At the end of this step, you should create a slim feminine figure.
The neck should look like a long thin cylinder;
Hands and neck should be slim and graceful, not thick;
The body should have an hourglass shape. The narrow waist is limited to the wide bust and wide lower hips;
The hips in the upper part should be rounded and then narrow to the knee joint.
Again – Korra’s figure is said to look very graceful. If you notice large hands, feet or shoulders in the photo, be sure to correct this.
Also in this step we should draw the main faces.

Step 3

So we continue the tutorial in which we talked about how to draw Avatar, in this case we draw Korra. Use the facial contours from the previous step as a guide and diagrammatically draw facial features like Korra’s eyes, nose, and mouth. The eyes are almond-shaped, and the nose and mouth are like dashes.
Also in this step, the intended shape of Korra’s hair. By the way, in the fourth season of the series, korra changed her long hair to a very short haircut. Many people believe that thanks to that, she becomes more feminine and attractive.
This step looks like something very simple, but the actions of this step are very important. That’s why we ended.

Step 4

Detailed drawing of Korra’s face. Also in this step we should draw the final version of the hair. Use smooth lines to draw the hair. Don’t forget that all hairstyles need to be drawn from the roots to the ends.

Step 5

In this step, we will draw the blood clot. If you look at the photo up to this stage, you will immediately notice the feature – the upper body is wearing tight clothing. On her legs you can see a pair of loose, airy pants.

Step 6

Erase all unmachined lines on the hands and body. Also in this step we will draw the palm of our heroine. Drawing palms is hard work, that’s why we made a specific post (see here) and closed it:

Step 7

As the last step of the Korra drawing lesson, we add details to the legs, draw fabric folds and add shadows. Color her.

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