How to Paint a Girl Face Step by Step

How to Paint a Girl Face with this how-to video and step-by-step painting instructions. Easy Painting tutorial for beginners and All.

How to Paint a Girl Face

Please see the painting tutorial in the video below

  Lioba Brückner

You can refer to the simple step-by-step painting guide below

Step 1

The first step is to use a dominant value that helps to initiate a tone comparison, using a neutral color similar to the average face color.

Step 2

Start with a basic sketch, focusing on the dominant construction and value lines. At this step there is not much concern about accuracy, the goal is to have some lines and tone to develop the next steps where you will really need to focus on accuracy.

Step 3

At first use unsaturated color and draw soft edges. Continually check the timbre and tonal relationship between each area, squint to check the timbre.

Step 4

Before adding correct tone for each area, this is an iterative process (scale adjustment, add tone, blend edges, rescale)..

Step 5

I intercepted the eye’s value as a starting point to compare tones with other neighborhoods. Don’t make it too dark, leave the darkest tones to the end

Step 6

Here I started working on the other areas, sketching the neck and the white skirt

Step 7

I use a smaller Photoshop brush and control the opacity with pen pressure. Start focusing on some details and adjust the proportions

Step 8

I retouched the tones and blended the edges

Step 9

I used complementary colors for the background to add interest, then blended the edges

Step 10

Here I continue to blend and soften the edges, squinting to see the big picture and examining the details of tones and values. Hope you like this!

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