How to Draw Usui Tumaki (Anime Boy)

How to Draw Usui Tumaki with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. anime boy drawing with Pencil for beginners and all.

How to Draw Usui Tumaki

Please see Usui Tumaki drawing tutorial in the video below

Usui Tumaki Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

We’re taking a shortcut in the tutorial. Draw circles with intersecting lines for a) eyebrows, b) eyes, c) mouth and e) shoulders (d) not included). Sketch the lines with the #2 pencil. Remember to make it easy to erase.

Step 2

I think I was influenced by manga, because you read from right to left. So let’s start with his headband, hair and eyes on the right side.

Step 3

Now sketch on the left side. Make sure you get in your eyebrows.

Step 4

Draw the contour of the face, mouth and small contour shadow.

Step 5

Take some time to draw this picture because in this step you need to pay attention to how his hair is tied and how his headband falls down. Now draw it and don’t forget his ears.

Step 6

Draw spikes on the left side of the paper. Sketch it, erase… practice to get those shapes and don’t forget his ears.

Step 7

Finally draw the last part of his hairline, his neck and turtleneck.

Step 8

Observe your instructions and how they relate to the drawing. Start at his left shoulder and draw on the sleeve of his torn shirt.

Step 9

You can draw on the left side of his shirt and arm. You can now delete the guidelines if you haven’t already done so.

Step 10

Your drawing can look like this, or you can have your own version. At this point, you can color your picture with the medium of your choice.

Step 11

Here is a basic Usui color scheme that you can follow.

Step 12

This is Usui’s colorful painting done in My Sai program. The difference is that the lines are not as thick and they are colored to match the reference image. Shadows around his eyes, under his neck and on his arms have been added.

Step 13

In this photo, I removed the original Usui in the background so that the photo doesn’t get mixed up with mines. I have merged multiple layers to be able to blur and blend. The background is layered to save time. I’m about to close. Let me know what you think of this guide. I love hearing from you. Like, comment or click “Favorite” to show your support! Luv and hug you all!

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