Cute anime girl drawing easy with Pencil – How to draw anime girl face

Cute anime girl drawing easy by Pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw anime girl face for beginners and everyone.

Cute anime girl drawing easy with Pencil - How to draw anime girl face

Please see anime girl drawing tutorial in the video below

Anime girl Drawing step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1. Sketch the face

First sketch the cute anime girl’s face, with an oval shape, with a relatively pointed chin. And draw proportional lines on the face as shown.

Step 2. Draw the eyes

On the sketch, draw anime eyes. Eyes are a distinctive symbol of anime, with big eyes, long and bold eyelids, and big and sparkling eyes.

Step 3. Add mouth and nose

For anime, the hood is very small, just a small triangle, with a small, cute round mouth.

Step 4. Draw the hair

This anime girl’s hair is beautiful and decorated with a flower in her hair, and her hair has a beautifully braided braid. The girl’s hair needs to be drawn more meticulously and carefully to help make the girl more adorable and beautiful.

Step 5. Add the girl’s shoulders and chest

Next draw the girl’s neck and shoulders and pay attention to the girl’s slender hands in front of her chest. The girl’s chest also needs to be drawn meticulously to highlight it. Usually anime girls have quite big and round breasts. add thin shirt for anime girl.

Step 6. Complete the cute anime girl

Cute anime girl drawing easy with Pencil - How to draw anime girl face

To complete the design of the cute anime girl, add some details to perfect the drawn parts and erase mistakes. Use a dark ink pen to redraw the girl’s details. Then color the girl with gentle elegant colors.

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