How to draw Spike from My Little Pony

How to draw Spike from My Little Pony easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for beginners and kids.

How to draw Spike (My Little Pony)

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, the first describes a circle as a guide for the head of Spike. We would like to note that in the first steps you should not press down on the pencil too hard. Use smooth lines for contours at this stage of the Spike tutorial.

Step 2

Outline the principles of facial symmetry. First, let’s draw a vertical line that will help us find the center of Spike’s face. Draw two horizontal lines like in our example. They will help us draw Spike’s eyes. Note that the lines should be slightly curved. Beneath the head sketch a body, using a shape similar to a drop of water.

Step 3

Use the instructions from the previous step to draw Spike’s facial features. At first, use the oval to draw the eyes. Then use a curved line to describe a nose. By the way, the same nose that we drew for Karlsson in the Karlsson drawing tutorial.

Step 4

In this step we add some details to Spike’s face. At first, use the circle to draw the irises. Then, inside the iris draw the pupil. Use a curved line to outline one cheek and move on to the next stage.

Step 5

Erase all unnecessary guides and draw an outline of Spike’s ears. Use very clear and smooth lines to trace your Spike drawing.

Step 6

Use the curved lines to draw the symbol on the upper part of the Spike’s head. Draw a pointed tooth and outline two lines under the nose. Note that the mouth – is the bottom line of the nose. Use curved lines to draw eyebrows. Add eye highlights and move on to the next stage.

Step 7

In this step, we will sketch Spike’s limbs. Use hand drawn curves. Draw the legs in the form of an oval. At this step, you should also not press down on the pencil too hard.

Step 8

Slightly change the form of the legs and draw the feet like in our example. Draw a thick tail with an “arrow” at the end. If your Spike sketch looks like our sketch, then move on to the next stage.

Step 9

So we’ve come to the final step of the tutorial on how to draw Spike from My Little Pony. Remove all rules. Now draw an area with horizontal stripes on the front of the body and the bottom of the tail. Describe the knee and draw the toe. Erase the remaining unnecessary strokes and darken the lines.

It’s a tutorial on how to draw Spike from My Little Pony. We hope you enjoyed this guide. By the way, if this tutorial seems too easy for you, we recommend the tutorial on how to draw Wolverine or how to draw Sub-Zero. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing tutorials on!

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