How to Draw a Pomsky Dog

How to Draw a Pomsky Dog with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Simple Dog Drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How to Draw a Pomsky

Please see Pomsky Dog drawing tutorial in the video below

Pomsky Dog Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Make a circle for the head, then draw a weird curvy shape for the body. Sketch the guidelines on the face.

Step 2

Using the guide you just made, outline the shape and structure of the Pomsky’s head. This should also include pointed ears and a long muzzle. Cheeks or jawline should also be smooth.

Step 3

Use the facial guides to draw the shape of each eye, then draw the nose. You will also need additional facial markings that are characteristic of the Siberian Husky breed.

Step 4

Now that the face is complete, you can start drawing the chubby body. The Pomsky is a very thick or plump dog. Draw a chubby neck, chest and legs. The feet are small but wide. Small like a Pomeranian and as wide as a husky.

Step 5

Now you will draw the end of the body the hind legs and feet. Draw the toes, then draw the stomach line. Add some fluff to the body and then move on to step six.

Step 6

And finally, you’ll outline the rest of the back shape, then draw the thick, curled cotton tail. Add details to texture the tail, then remove the errors.

Step 7

That’s it, you’re done. Now you can go ahead and color in Pomsky with the colors you like. The typical color is usually that of the Siberian Husky.

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