How to Draw a Dalmation Dog – Cartoon Puppy Drawing

How to Draw a Dalmation Dog from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to Draw a Dalmation Dog

Please Dalmation the drawing tutorial in the video below

Dalmation Dog Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle for the head, then draw a muzzle connected to it. Make a line through the top as shown. This will be your nose and eye lines. Add two more circles so that from the top circle to the bottom circle, they get bigger. The two sections you just added will become the body. In each body circle, add an oval as shown for the shoulder and thigh muscles. Then draw a line for the puppy’s arms, add the paws and draw a line for the hind paws.

Step 2

Next, what you will do is draw the eyes and nose along the line over the head. Add some light in the eyes if you want. Draw soft ears at the end of the line. Connect the body and head circles as shown. Add some toes to the forefoot and draw the shape of the foot. Maybe you should make the foot a little longer than the actual one I drew. (The feet will be a bit longer in the next steps.) Draw the tail.

Step 3

Adjust the shape of the head to make it look more realistic. Add a nostril to the nose and color it. Then add an eyelid and a curve for the eyebrows. You can also add two dots to the muzzle. Next, you should draw the front legs and connect them to the feet. Drawing a hind leg is fine. In this step, I’ve highlighted the lines that you’ll keep, so you can start deleting others.

Step 4

You can now finish deleting the tutorials you started. Add shadows and feathers according to the image. You can add more or less hair depending on how thick you want your dog’s coat to be.

Step 5

What is a dalmation without dots? Okay, I know puppies are born without dots, but they’re too cute not to add them. And congratulations, you are now done with your puppy!

You cansee more drawing:

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