How to Draw an Ogre Step by Step

How to Draw an Ogre with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. This lesson will be unusual and at the same time very fascinating and simple.

How to Draw an Ogre

Please see Ogre drawing tutorial in the video below

This is another fun lesson on how to draw a mystical character and in it, I want to tell and show you how to draw a goblin. A goblin is a mythical monster often depicted as a large, hideous, human-looking and cannibal creature. Elves are negative characters, but there is no need to fear them as they are fictional and do not exist in real life.

At first glance, this character will definitely seem evil and scary, but in this lesson you will learn how to draw elves in a cartoon style, so it will look quite cute and funny. In mythology, elves are often depicted as large, tall and with an unusually large head, abundant hair, unusually colored skin, voracious appetite, and muscular body.

Now I suggest you start drawing an elf. I am sure that this lesson will be interesting and useful to you!

Ogre Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of the head and body.
The goblin’s head is depicted as an oval and its torso as an incomplete oval below the head.

Step 2. Visualize facial features.
Add eyes, mouth and nose, using curved and straight lines inside the outline of the head.

Step 3. Add the ears.
Add pointed ears on either side of the goblin’s head. One ear is partially covered by the head.

Step 4. Draw the elves.
On the left side of the drawing, add a hand, using curves.

Step 5. Add legs and waistline.
Sketch an arc over the goblin’s torso, as well as straight lines below it.

Step 6. Image of the character’s shoes.
Add similar shapes with curved lines at the bottom of the goblin legs.

Step 7. Add decorative elements.
Draw an arc and short straight lines on the goblin’s body and curves on its legs.

Step 8. Delete unnecessary lines.
Use an eraser to erase extra lines that appear during drawing.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
To color this drawing, use green, yellow, black and brown.

You can see more drawing:


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