How to Draw a Football Helmet Step by Step

How to Draw a Football Helmet easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawings for beginners and kids.

How to Draw a Football Helmet

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing the body of the football helmet (or what is known as the shell).

Draw an irregular circle to represent the body or shell of the helmet.

Step 2 – Time to add the protective layer of the football helmet

It’s time to add the mask of the football helmet.

Draw different curved, horizontal, diagonal lines to represent the mask.

Step 3 – Mount the Face Shield Bracket on the Bottom Section

This time we will add the mask holder and the rest of the mask of our football helmet.

Use curves and diagonals to do so.

Step 4 – Complete Faceguard by adding curves and diagonals

Football helmets are taking shape! Time to make it more realistic by adding more details of the football helmet (like helmet contour, mask clip and mask holder).

Use curves and diagonals to achieve this.

Step 5 – Completing the Football Helmet by Drawing the Top and Cheek Pads

This is the next step of the previous step. Add details to the football helmet by drawing the outline of the helmet or the cheek pad on the left side of the helmet.

Use curves to achieve this. Please use the illustration as a guide to make sure you’re doing it right!

Step 6 – Add another cheek pad on the opposite side

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side of the football helmet. This forms the cheek pad on the right side of the football helmet.

The football helmet is almost done — keep it up!

Step 7 – Next, draw the inside of the football helmet

Now, we will add more details inside the football helmet.

Add more pads or linings by drawing curves to represent them.

Step 8 – Now draw the details in the shell of the football helmet

In this step, you will start adding customizations to the football helmet.

You will add a curved line connecting the back of the helmet shell and the mask clip.

Step 9 – Then add any design you like to the Shell

This is a continuation of Step 8.

We’ll be adding a sizable star to further customize the shell of the football helmet.

Now it’s finally time to bring the football helmet to life by adding various colors!

As you can see in the illustration, we added white, red and different shades of gray to make the football helmet colorful!

You can choose your favorite football helmet color or create a unique football helmet with custom colors. Either way, we’re sure the colors will turn out gorgeous!

Have fun with colors and watch the football helmet finally come to life!

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