Folded Paper Sunflower Craft Step by Step

This folded paper sunflower craft is absolutely perfect for a summer time craft. The dimensions created with the folded paper mixed with the tissue paper balls makes this fun paper sunflower craft a show stopper!

Folded Paper Sunflower Craft

I Heart Crafty Things

Earlier this week, my heart fluttered with excitement when I came across this beautiful Mother’s Day floral card on Pinterest. After I saw it, I couldn’t wait to create my own variation of it but as a sunflower craft. I love, love sunflowers and every summer I look forward to seeing them in the open fields by my open house. Since they’re in full bloom right now, it’s the perfect time to create this beautiful paper sunflower craft.

How to Make a Folded Paper Sunflower Craft

Supplies Needed to Make this Folded Paper Flower Craft

– light blue cardstock
– yellow and green construction paper
– black tissue paper squares
– 2-inch circle (for tracing)
– paper cup (for tracing)
– scissors
– glue stick

Tutorial for this Folding Paper Sunflower Craft

1. Cut about 16 2-inch circles from your yellow construction paper. The easiest way I have found to do this is to fold the accordion 3 times my construction paper. Trace a 2-inch circle onto the top piece in the accordion fold and then cut the circle out. You will get 4 circles each time you cut. Continue doing this until you have about 16 circles. You may need less or more depending on how you fold your circles.

2. Mark your paper cup onto your leftover yellow construction paper and cut it out. Then, cut a green stem and another 2 inch long circle from your green construction paper.

3. Glue the trunk and large yellow circle onto the light green cardstock. Fold the two sides of the yellow paper circle inward, making a smaller point at one end and a rounded end at the other. Once you’re done folding all of your circles, stick them around the yellow circle on your blue cardboard.

4. Fold the green circle the same way you did with the yellow circles and glue it to the stem to make the leaf.

5. Roll a handful of black tissue paper squares into small balls. Add glue to all the inner yellow circles of your sunflower craft and add your black paper balls to it.


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