How to draw A Sponge Step by Step

Today we’re going to pull out something that’s in every bathroom. As you can see, we are talking about a sponge. We chose this form but you can draw a sponge with any shape. So let’s start the drawing tutorial on how to draw Sponge step by step.

How to draw A Sponge

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Step 1

To draw a sponge we first need to draw a parallelogram. It is especially great if you draw a precise and even shape without using a ruler.

Step 2

Add two more parallelograms at the top and side to get the three-dimensional shape shown in our sample.

Step 3

Each sponge should have plenty of pores. You probably know this if you’ve watched the cartoon SpongeBob. Or if you even shower once in your life. So in this step we will draw a lot of pores on this sponge.

Step 4

Add some shadow in the form of a bloom inside the pore. This action will make the drawing more realistic.

It’s a drawing lesson on how to draw a sponge. We hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to visit us and wait for new drawing tutorials. Bye!


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