How to Draw a Cartoon Jaguar

How to Draw a Cartoon Jaguar with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Wild animals Drawing for beginners and all.

How to Draw a Cartoon Jaguar

Please see Cartoon Jaguar drawing tutorial in the video below

Cartoon Jaguar Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

You will start the first step by drawing some shapes. The smallest one is for the head, then the torso and back. Next, add some limbs and sketch in the face guide.

Step 2

The next thing you will do is draw the shape of the head that will probably closely resemble the drawing of a Pride Rock lioness that you will draw. The shapes of the ears, cheeks and chin should all be drawn in the same way.

Step 3

Here you will add details and definitions inside the ear. Once that’s done, start drawing the shapes of the eyes. As you can see, the eyeliner is very thick and bold. Outline the lining to form the muzzle or bridge of the nose, then draw the masking lines. Add lower lip and teeth as well as a real nose.

Step 4

Okay, so the face is done, which means we’ll start working on the body. Start with a high back curve as well as shoulder blade arches. The legs should be outlined to form uniquely shaped limbs, as well as split-style toes on each foot.

Step 5

Now you will draw the back of your cartoon jaguar. Make sure that the finish line is shaped like the butt of the jaguar’s back. Draw in the thighs and hind legs like that. You’ll end this step by adding the abs and outlining some definition for the body.

Step 6

Almost completely draw out the last legs and feet, then draw out the long tail. Jaguars have tails similar to those of tigers and lionesses. Male lions have tufts of hair on the tail or tip of the tail.

Step 7

Now because jaguars like to hide and relax in trees, I decided to draw my cartoon jaguar in a tree looking down from a dense or extremely strong branch. As you can see the branches are crooked, but that makes it more interesting.

Step 8

You will spend some time drawing out all the points, but before you do that, you must first clear the errors and instructions. Once done, you can start adding all the uneven spots.

Step 9

When it’s all done, your cartoon jaguar should look like or similar to the one you see here. Of course, everyone has a different level of drawing skill, which means that not everyone’s drawings are the same.

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