Drawing of Girl with beautiful dress || How to draw a Girl easy

Drawing of Girl with beautiful dress by pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw a Girl for beginners and everyone.

Drawing of Girl with beautiful dress - How to draw a Girl easy

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1. Scale

First, draw a straight line and scale with a ruler the details from the top of the head, eyes, mouth, neck, arms, chest, waist and legs. This will help us easily draw a full-body girl. easier.

Step 2. Sketch the body and face position

Next we need to establish a basic shape. The girl I drew is standing in a very basic cute girl pose with her arms outstretched to the sides and gently pulling up the sides of her dress. To establish a proper form, draw a basic semi-circle that defines the head, trying not to make it too small or too large. keep it the same width as the shoulder circles. Draw a sketch of the girl’s shoulders, chest, abdomen and wide flared dress.

Step 3. Draw the face and hair

Next, we completely define the shape of the girl’s head with soft curly hair curling over her shoulders and in front of her chest, with a flower decorated on her hair.

Step 4. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth

Complete the face by drawing the girl’s closed eyes with long, curled eyelashes, a small nose and lips as well. This is a cute, slim girl.

Step 5. Complete the chest and abdomen

Clearly define the girl’s skirt at the bust, add some lines to highlight the beautiful girl’s belly and slim waist.

Step 6. Draw the legs

Draw the girl’s beautiful legs with seductive high heels, add a bow on the lips to highlight the girl’s beautiful legs.

Step 7. Complete the girl with a beautiful dress

Drawing of Girl with beautiful dress - How to draw a Girl easy

Finally, highlight some details that highlight the beautiful girl, such as smoothing her soft black hair, decorating the hem of a beautiful dress, and polishing some details. Note that in this step you need to spend more time to make the drawing perfect.

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