How to draw a seahorse step by step

How to draw a seahorse cute and easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw so cute for beginners and kids.

seahorse drawing easy for kids

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle. This will become the head of the seahorse.

Step 2

Draw another, larger circle, below the first one. This part will become the body and belly of the seahorse. Connect two circles with a line. Note how the line passes through both circles. This will help you to sketch the neck of the seahorse.

Step 3

Draw two small rectangles, one diagonal to the small circle and the other between the circles. These will help form the animal’s mouth and neck.

Step 4

Draw another vertical line through the center of both circles. It will expand above and below the circles. At the bottom of the line, draw a circle within a circle. This will help you outline the curly tail of the seahorse.

Step 5

Use the rectangle mounted on the head as a guide to outline the sea horse’s mouth. Use the curves connecting the top and bottom inner corners of the rectangle. On the front side of the rectangle, attach the curves using a “V” shaped line to the side.

Step 6

Remove guide lines from head, body and tail as shown in the illustration.

Step 7

Draw curves in the rectangle at the seahorse’s neck. Then, draw a line across the circle that represents the body. It must cross the vertical line at a perpendicular angle.

Step 8

Draw a curve from the top of the vertical line to the bottom of the rectangle. This outlines the part of the fin on the back of the seahorse’s head. Then, draw a triangle from the back of the rectangle to the point of intersection of the perpendicular lines.

Step 9

Draw a series of short, connecting curves along the curve and triangle drawn in the final step. This forms a scalloped edge towards the fin. Then, draw the hippocampus’ bulging eyes. Draw a circle in your head, using vertical lines as a guide. Use a curve to surround the circle half in front of the face.

Step 10

Remove the instruction lines from the beginning. Draw a small, horizontal trapezoid on the side face to represent a small fin. Then, draw a horizontal line below the first line. Extend the lines of the cervical fin and the curve between the circles to meet at a point on the top of the line.

Step 11

Draw small curves along the back of the trapezoid to give the fin a scalloped edge.

Step 12

Draw a square or rhombus between the body and tail circles. Connect it to the 10 drawn shapes using a curve.

Step 13

Add details to your seahorse. Cover a large circle inside each eye to form the pupil. Use a curve to draw the eyebrows above the eye. Then, draw a series of curves that connect from the base of the collar to the square above the tail. Connect the angle of the square to the base of the tail using a straight line.

Step 14

Delete the guide lines from the body. Draw a long curve from pectoral fins to tail, rounding out the shape of the tail. Wrap your belly with curves.

Step 15

Body texture with small circles, like scales.

Step 16

Erase the remaining guides and draw more small circles on the side of the head.

Step 17

Color your cartoon seahorse. We have chosen shades of green and orange for our illustration. In the wild, seahorses can be yellow, orange, cream, brown, red, black, or blue. Place your seahorse in an underwater scene! Is it an aquarium or an ocean reef? The choice is yours.



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