Pencil Sketch of Girl face || How to draw a beautiful Girl Step by Step

Pencil Sketch of Girl face with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to dra a girl for beginners and everyone.

Pencil Sketch of Girl face - How to draw a beautiful Girl Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step: 1 First, you did intersect the lines

Therefore, you have to intersect some lines to create a face like the girl’s drawing. To do all the sketches, it is best to easily do the sketches. To create a girl’s face in this sketch, you have to first draw some lines. You can draw with the help of the image below. Follow the pictures to draw the lines. With that you can make face with good shape. You will have to drag these lines very carefully. With this you have to set the girl’s face.

Step: 2 Now Draw the Simple Girl Drawing’s Face and Eyes

The most important thing is to save face. If the shape of the face is damaged, then the whole sketch will be damaged. For this you will have to create a structure first. With the help of this we will now create the shape of the girl’s face. And with the face shape, the girl’s eyes will also have to be done. The girl closed her eyes. For this you have to close your eyes. There is only one thing you have to do carefully a girl’s eyelashes.

Step: 3 You have to draw the Girl’s Nose and Lips

In this step you have to draw the nose and lips. All you have to know is that the lips on a girl’s face are hers. The shape of a girl’s eyes, nose, and lips is part of her face. This gives a different look to the girl’s face. With the help of the structure done, you have to make the girl’s lips and nose. So you can get it well.

Step: 4 Draw the hairs of the girl

In this you have to draw hairs. That is an important part of this sketch. Her beautiful beauty gets a new look from the girl’s hair. The girl’s hair identifies the girl. It is part of its beauty. In this, after drawing the girl’s hair, you have to rub the excess lines with the structure. That helped you to do the drawing.

Step: 5 Now our simple girl sketch is finished

This is your final and important step. After this step your sketch will be completed. In this case, you have to sketch the girl well first. Then you have to set up the right sketch of the face with the help of a blended stump. So your sketch will be well established. Instead of mixing the stump, you can also use a cotton swab, tissue paper, etc. so that you can blend your sketch very well. Now you will finally have to sketch a drawing from the girl’s hair. And a butterfly clip will also have to be done on the hair. In that butterfly, you have to color it yellow. Therefore, it may look different from hair. I hope you enjoyed this sketch very much.



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