How to Draw an Anime Girl step by step

How to Draw an Anime Girl step by step

See detailed instructions in the video


Draw the chin and the rest of the body around the path. It is important to establish the shape before adding hair so you know where it falls.

Step 2

I’m doing a mix between choppy and neat bangs. I use larger pieces of hair, but I chop them up when the bangs reach the chin by turning the long pieces into smaller end pieces. Also, draw a piece of hair over her shoulder before we move on.

Step 3

Now, my focal point for this hair is going to be the center of her back. Draw the hair off the top of the head to give it volume, and go ahead and add some flips and waves as we go down towards the middle of her back. Notice the hair funnels to behind her and we lose sight of it behind her back.

Step 4

Now, you can draw in some soft guide lines for her face and go ahead and draw in her facial features and eye. Draw in her nose, mouth, lower lip line, eye brow, eyelid line and eyes with eye lashes.

Step 5

and add two flowers on the hair to decorate the face

Step 6

And you’re finished! I hope you all enjoy! Happy coloring!


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