How to draw a Graduated Cylinder Step by Step

How to draw a Graduated Cylinder with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Kids can learn how to draw an easy graduated cylinder.

How to draw a Graduated Cylinder

Please see Graduated Cylinder drawing tutorial in the video below

Graduated Cylinder Drawing step by step

Step 1. Sketch the tube

First, draw two long vertical lines to outline the cylindrical tube.

Step 2. Draw lips

Next, draw the rounded lip of the cylinder with a sharp corner.

Step 3. Attach the base

Now, create the shape of the base as shown in the illustration.

Step 4. Add measurement marks

Add measurement marks by drawing evenly spaced horizontal lines along the length of the tube.

Step 5. Sketch the liquid

Outline the liquid by drawing a narrow oval inside the tube.

Step 6. Complete the graduated cylinder drawing

Let’s color the graduated cylinder! First, use a light blue pencil to color the glass. Next, use a yellow pencil to color the liquid inside the graduated cylinder. Then, use a red pencil to fill in the base.

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