how to draw a cute cartoon ant

how to draw a cute ant and coloring

How to draw ant coloring pages

Let’s take a look at the quick and detailed directions in the video.

You are just beginning to see this simple step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1

To start the animation story, first of all we need to draw a round head with a smiling mouth. Draw big eyes and add 2 beards on top

Step 2

Directly behind the ant’s head, draw another similar sized oval. Behind that, draw a much larger oval for the ant’s abdomen.

Step 3

Next, draw a small, slightly arched, arched leg in the middle of your anime’s ankle. As such, draw four legs

Step 4

The tail of the ants draw 3 more lines and complete ants.

Step 5

You can color the ants as you like

Thank you for your interest. Please see more instructions here:

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