Rexy dinosaur and the Volcano Video – Funny Dinosaur Cartoon for Kids

Rexy dinosaur and the Volcano – The adventures of Rexy, the cute little T-Rex in the Jurassic World of friendly Dinosaurs. Funny Dinosaur Cartoon for Families.

Rexy dinosaur and the Volcano

Pangea – Never Ending World

Episode #1

– Rexy is awakened by a rude centipede, just in time to the distant roar of a massive erupting volcano. Rexy was so fascinated that he immediately began searching for the fiery mountain and left his sleeping parents in the T-Rex’s nest. His journey takes him through a land of giant dinosaurs and a magical mushroom forest, where he accidentally falls into a waterfall and performs an impossible parachute jump over towers. soaring rock. The flying T-Rex eventually plunged into the sea, where he was unable to meet a giant Plesiosaur. What will happen when Rexy finally reaches the Volcano? Will his Papa save him from the ugly Velociraptors lurking at the foot of the mountain? Watch this episode, cheer for this daring but brave little T-Rex and marvel at the strange Dinosaurs he encounters on his journey!

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