Princess Cinderella Drawing Easy Step by Step

Princess Cinderella Drawing Easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Cartoon drawings for beginners and kids.

Princess Cinderella Drawing

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

How to Draw Easy Drawing

I’m drawing one of my favorite Disney princesses. You are at the right place if you love Disney princess drawings. I remember my childhood when my day started thinking about Disney princesses and ended them. I love the color blue. If your favorite color is also blue, then I know who your favorite princess is! She’s Cinderella, isn’t she? Blue is often associated with royalty. That’s why the old fairy gave her a blue dress to wear. There’s no doubt as to why kids are so mesmerized by Disney’s fun princesses. I advise you to start drawing at a very young age as it is a very healthy activity as it is beneficial for mental development, learning, writing and thinking in a very creative way.

This drawing is a great choice if you live in your fantasy world. If you want to make this drawing more creative, you can use craft. Cinderella is Disney’s most famous princess. She is known for her strong personality and heart-stopping beauty. This drawing will be perfect for girls who live in the magical world. Follow step by step instructions and tips to draw Cinderella easily.

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw Cinderella’s face. She has a smart face with prominent facial features. Draw two round eyes, small nose and lips. She always styled her hair in a high bun. You can draw it by creating a bunch of hair on the top of your head.

Step 2

In this step, you have to draw the upper belly of the Cinderella Princess. She wears the most eye-catching dress. Her glossy blue dress may seem heavy, but this beautiful dress is so light. So draw it very carefully with full attention.

Step 3

Her dress had countless layers of tulle over the petticoat and was no less than four miles of thread. Draw it gently, and her hand is bent to the side beautifully.

Step 4

Draw the bottom of the dress. It has a large, wide fire. You can draw different zig-zag lines underneath it as a lace design. The dress is floating in the air so try to have a little bit of curves. Don’t forget to draw her shoes as they are the most important part of her story.

Step 5

Last step, use color to make it more attractive. She has a blue and white sparkly dress. You can use colored pencils and some glitter for a shimmery look. I used a blonde pencil color for her hair because the crayon color will give a rough texture to her hair.

princess cinderella drawing


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