Learn how to draw for kids | How to Draw cute Duck step by step

How to Draw cute cartoon Duck step by step

Kids can learn how to draw a duck or duckling by following our illustrated steps. It’s an interesting way to build confidence in a drawing. This lesson can also be used for adults to teach children or to entertain

How to Draw cute cartoon Duck step by step

Please see the detailed instructions in the video. You just relax and learn how to draw

You can also refer to the steps below:

Step 1

Draw the duck’s characteristic beak, from which draw two more large eyes just above the beak. Add eyelashes to your eye to make it look cute.

Step 2

Perfect duck head with cap on the head.

Step 3

This step we draw the body of the duck with a large egg tails. Draw the short wings on the side.

Step 4

Next, draw your short legs under the duck belly.

Step 5

So just a few simple steps we have created a cute duck in the cartoon. And to give the duck more lovely and outstanding we will color, color can be customized by you.

So you can easily draw a cute duck. Wish you have a relaxing time! Looking forward to your comments. Thank you for watching.

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