How to Draw Spinosaurus in Jurassic World and Spinosaurus

How to Draw Spinosaurus in Jurassic World step by step for kids

Today I will guide you to learn how to draw Spinosaurus from Jurassic World for kids. Dinosaurs have always been the subject of many people, especially children. Drawing dinosaurs is not difficult if you know some basic steps.

How to Draw Spinosaurus

Please see the full tutorial in the video.

You can also refer to the simple drawing steps below:

Step 1

First we draw the head. Imagine a crocodile’s head: long, flat jaws open, with a small peak where the eye would be.

Step 2

Drawing dinosaurs and dinosaur eyes. Remember to add the sharp and sharp teeth along with the long tongue.

Step 3

Draw the body. Unlike alligators, lizards have long necks and large rows of thorns on their backs. The spines then descend in the back towards its tail.

Step 4

raw the front leg. The Spinosaurus have short but powerful weapons, and are larger than T-Rex, with strong and sharp claws.

Step 5

Draw the hind legs. The hind legs are stronger and much larger than their arms. For the legs, you may want to split it into a series of curves, bent for the thighs, knees, ankles and ankles. The feet are large and flat and also have sharp claws.

Step 6

Finishing and coloring. In fact, you can color the dinosaurs according to your taste.

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