How To Draw A Girl On A Bike Step by Step

How To Draw A Girl On A Bike with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Girl drawing tutorial with pencil for beginners and All.

How To Draw A Girl On A Bike

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Video produced by channel:  Naim Drawing Academy

Many people may not know, but girls love to ride bikes just as much as boys. And this girl is riding a great sport bike. It’s up-to-date, fast, and engaging. People wearing a cyclist’s skirt, shoes, gloves, and helmet look more attractive than a cyclist in casual clothing. This cute girl also has an adventurous, daring and cool look. I love drawing girl drawing ideas. So I will tell you how to draw a girl on a bicycle drawing for children who love to learn how to draw a girl.

Drawing is a very healthy activity because it helps in cognitive development, helps to learn to write and to think creatively. If you sketch regularly, it will develop hand-eye coordination, concentration and conceptual ideas. This is why children are taught drawing skills in school, not only for fun but also for their all-round development, because what you learn in the early years will help you in life. whole life. So I will tell you how to draw a girl using simple things.

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

The first step is easier than ever because I won’t start by finishing you feeling frustrated. So let’s draw a simple helmet for the girl on the bicycle drawing. You can draw it using different shapes like circles and rectangles. Draw a half border on the mirror. And two small triangles at the top to make it more realistic.

Step 2

After drawing the helmet, it’s time to draw a girl’s body. Instead of drawing the body, I would suggest you draw the girl’s jacket directly. To make it look real, you have to draw some designs, but don’t draw flowers and all girly designs because it’s a drawing of a bold and adventurous cycling girl, so it must be is something daring.

Step 3

For step three, you have to draw the girl’s pant leg. I made little flowers on it to give it a little cuteness. If you don’t want it to be too girly, then you can draw anything else you like, such as stars, dots or any other design.

Step 4

Now it’s time to draw the main thing, the sports bike. Draw it very carefully as it has a specific style, this should be reflected from the drawing. To give it a sporty look, draw a comprehensive design of the inner frame of the tire.

Step 5

The last step, you have to use the pen to draw really cool. I used a black drawing marker for the outline and a 4B shading pencil to give it a nice shade. But you can also use your favorite color to give it an authentic look.

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