How to Draw Braviary Pokemon

How to Draw Braviary Pokemon with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Pokemon drawin tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw Braviary Pokemon

Please see Braviary Pokemon drawing tutorial in the video below

Braviary Pokemon Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Okay, for starters, let’s start with the basics for Pokemon Wargle. Wargle has a large body and a medium-sized head that makes it look like a monstrous creature. By adjusting the basic body proportions, you should be able to recreate this easily. Remember to use the tips I gave in the description.

Step 2

Then work on the head and crest. Don’t spend too much time on one area, or you’ll end up wandering and messing around! Once you’ve completed the head, draw the body, using basic shapes for areas like the feet. It is best to draw the frame of the body before embarking on any major details.

Step 3

Next, work on the wings BEFORE! I find it better to draw the wings before handling the feet. Feet can take a while to work, mainly because they seem complicated. Once done, let’s start adding a few small details to the facial area.

Step 4

Finally, finish by drawing the tail feathers and the rest of the wing details. Remember to check your work!

Step 5

This is what your final image will look like! I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson as much as I did. Thanks so much for watching and hopefully, you like my new drawing!

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