How to draw Track and Field Step by Step

How to draw Track and Field with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy sports drawing tutorials for begineers ans all.

How to draw Track and Field

Please see Track and Field drawing tutorial in the video below

Track and Field drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the head

Start by drawing a U-shaped line for the head. Next, add a small C-shaped line for the ear. Now, draw two circles for the eyes and a small curved shape for the mouth. Then add short curved lines for the eyebrows and nose.

Step 2. Sketch the hair

Draw the shape of his hair on top of his head.

Step 3. Shape the body

Outline the collar by drawing a curved line. Next, form the vertical shape of the torso. Then add a rectangular border for the number card.

Step 4. Attach the arms

Attach the folded shape of his arms similar to the illustration. Then, draw the outline of the wristband.

Step 5. Draw the shorts

Draw the shape of the shorts below the torso.

Step 6. Add legs

Add the elongated shape of the legs. Then, draw the outline of the sock.

Step 7. Shape the sneakers

Create the outline of the sneakers attached to both ends of the leg. Then add shoelaces.

Step 8. Sketch the field

Draw long lines as shown to outline the field.

Step 9. Complete the drawing of the racetrack and field

Let’s add a little color to our track and field drawings! First, color the eyes with a black pencil and the hair with a brown pencil. Next, color the skin with a peach pencil and the mouth with a red pencil. Now, color the uniform using orange and yellow crayons. Then, fill in the socks and number tags with white pencil and the wristband with blue pencil. Finally, fill this field with maroon, white, and green.

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