How to draw Javelin Step by Step

How to draw Javelin with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Easy Sport drawing tutorials for beginners and all.

How to draw Javelin

Please see Javelin drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Javelin simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Draw the head

First, draw a U-shaped outline for the head. Now, attach a small C-shaped line to form the ear. Next, add small circles for the eyes and a rounded outline for the mouth. Then, draw curved lines for the eyebrows and nose.

Step 2. Sketch the hair

Create an outline of the hair on top of the head.

Step 3. Shape the body

Draw a small curved line for the collar. Next, sketch the vertical shape of the torso. Add a vertical line near the edge of the shirt.

Step 4. Add arms

Create an elongated shape of the javelin thrower’s arm similar to the illustration.

Step 5. Sketch the Javelin

Sketch the thin pointed shape of the javelin being held by the athlete. Make sure to delete any extra lines!

Step 6. Draw the shorts

Form the shape of the shorts underneath the torso. Draw a line near the edge of the shorts.

Step 7. Sketch the legs

Sketch the elongated shape of the legs as shown.

Step 8. Add shoes

Add shoes attached to the bottom of your feet.

Step 9. Complete the Javelin drawing easily

Let’s complete our easy TB drawing by adding some color! First, color the skin with a light brown pencil and the inside of the mouth with a red pencil. Next, color in the eyes and hair with a black pencil. Now, color the jersey and shorts using blue and yellow crayons. Then, shade the shoes with a light gray pencil. Finally, color the javelina with yellow and black crayons.

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