How to draw Lebron James Step by Step

How to draw Lebron James with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy spsorts drawing tutorials for beginners and everyone.

How to draw Lebron James

Please see Lebron James drawing tutorial in the video below

Lebron James Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the head

First, draw a U-shaped line for the head. Next, add two circles for the eyes and two ovals for the eyebrows. Now, shape the ears by drawing C-shaped lines attached to both sides of the head. Then, draw short curved lines for the nose and mouth.

Step 2. Add hair

Sketch the hair on top of Lebron James’s head and the thick beard that covers his chin. Make sure to delete any overlapping lines.

Step 3. Create a basketball shirt template

Draw curved lines to outline the collar. Next, create the vertical shape of the basketball jersey. Then, sketch the number “23” on his jersey.

Step 4. Attach the arms

Now, create the shape of Lebron’s arms attached to his torso as shown. Add two curved lines to outline his wristband.

Step 5. Sketch the basketball

Sketch the circular shape of the basketball. Then, draw curved lines on the surface of the ball.

Step 6. Shape the shorts

Form the shape of basketball shorts connected to the torso.

Step 7. Add legs

Add vertical lines to outline the legs. Then, outline the socks by drawing a horizontal line across each leg.

Step 8. Draw the shoes

Draw the shape of the shoes similar to the illustration.

Step 9. Complete the Lebron James drawing

It’s time to add some color to our Lebron James canvas! First, color in the eyes, hair and beard with a black pencil. Next, shade his skin with a dark brown pencil. Now, color the basketball jersey and shorts using yellow and purple crayons. Use a white marker to color in the numbers on the jersey, as well as the wristbands and socks. Then, use dark gray to color the shoes. Finally, color the basketball with an orange pencil.

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