Michael Jordan Drawing Step by Step

Michael Jordan Drawing with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Perfect for art teachers and homeschoolers aiming to instruct kids in drawing their rendition of one of the most famous NBA athletes of all time!

how to draw michael jordan

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Michael Jordan Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Sketch the head

Create an oval outline of Michael Jordan’s head. Add small C-shaped ears attached to both sides of the head.

Step 2. Draw the face

Next, draw two circles for the eyes. Then, create the eyebrows, nose, and mouth by drawing curved lines.

Step 3. Add the body

Draw curved lines for the collar. Next, create the vertical shape of the basketball jersey. Then, sketch the number “23” in the middle of his Chicago Bulls jersey.

Step 4. Attach the arms

Create an elongated shape of the arms attached to the body similar to the illustration. Next, add curved lines to form the sweat strip.

Step 5. Create a basketball shape

Create a circular outline of the basketball and add curves on the ball.

Step 6. Sketch the shorts

Sketch the shape of the basketball shorts as shown.

Step 7. Draw the legs

Form the leg underneath the shorts. Then, outline the socks by drawing a curved line on each leg.

Step 8. Shape the shoes

Draw the shape of the basketball shoe connected to the foot.

Step 9. Complete the drawing of Michael Jordan

Grab your colored pencils and add some color to our drawing of Michael Jordan! First, color the eyes with a black pencil and the skin with a dark brown pencil. Now, color the basketball jersey and shorts using white and red crayons. Shade the socks with a white pencil and the shoes with red and black pencils. Then, color the basketball with an orange pen. Finally, fill in the sweat strip on his arm with a black pencil.

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