How to Draw a Cute Baby ( Boy and girl), step by step, people

How to Draw a Cute cartoon Baby ( Boy and girl) step by step for kids

Learn how to draw cute babies with HTdraw. This is a mix between anime and chibi. Invite you to watch the tutorials video below to relax and learn how to draw for kids

How to Draw a Cute Baby ( Boy and girl), step by step

You can also refer to the following drawing tutorial:

Step 1

Draw cute girl. Draw the head with big eyes in chibi style, with long curly hair. Draw more smiling mouth and nose . Pay attention to more detailed eyebrows.

Step 2

Draw the body much smaller than the head, The posture is swollen. Draw more scarves flying in the neck.

Step 3

Next draw cute boy. The head is similar to step 1, about the short hair with the hair backwards.

Step 4

Body part with straight up one hand to pocket pants.

Step 5

And finish the work by coloring to your liking.


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