How to Draw Scarlet Witch Step by Step

How to Draw Scarlet Witch Easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw step by step for beginenrs and everyone.

How to Draw Scarlet Witch Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

We need our drawings to be smooth, well-proportioned and beautiful. For this we need to draw a skeleton, the so-called patient of the character. First of all, let’s sketch the head in the form of an oval. After this sketch, outline the spine, on which there is the chest and pelvis. Now, with the help of simple lines, let’s outline the arms and legs.

Step 2

Now add some weight to the body of our character. Now outline the two face lines. They will help to draw the details of the face. Now sketch the neck and torso, this part will narrow at the waist and widen at the hips. Draw arms and legs that are thin, open at the hips and narrow near the knees.

Step 3

Now let’s add the main details to the Scarlet Witch drawing. First, outline the features of the face with simple lines. Next, draw a mask and long hair. Now outline the cloak, the clothing elements on the torso and the two circles around the hands.

Step 4

Now we start working with the final details. First of all, carefully draw out the features of the face using clear and dark lines. Next, draw a mask and hair with long curves. Don’t forget to remove all unnecessary instructions from your head.

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the body of our Scarlet Witch. Using the curves carefully draw the shape of the body. Erase all unnecessary guides and draw the lines of the clothes on the torso, considering the shape of the body under the clothes.

Step 6

Now we pass the Scarlet Witch’s embrace. First of all, draw the parts of the cape on the neck and shoulders. Draw all the creases as shown in our example. Next, draw the outlines of the arm and glove. To learn more about hands, visit our website for drawing lessons. Don’t forget to draw shiny circles around the hands.

Step 7

Use clear and smooth lines to draw the cape. Next, carefully draw the outlines of the legs, using smooth lines. Outline the shapes of the muscles and knees using a few lines. Delete all remaining rules.

Step 8

With the help of smooth lines draw hair. Now let’s work with the shadows. Darkness and contrast are often used in comics, as in our lesson on Spider-Man. In this lesson we will apply a slightly different technique. First, we will identify the light source and then using the light expansion mode, we add shadows to the areas where the light doesn’t get in.

It’s a lesson on how to draw Scarlet Witch. In the last part of the lesson, we want to give you a few tips. The first thing you should know when you draw a female character is the difference in proportions compared to the male character. The female figure is usually more delicate, the shoulders are narrower, and the hips are wider. Hair should be pulled from root to tip, this way it will look more real.



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