How to draw a Comet Step by Step

How to draw a Comet with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. This drawing lesson will be very simple, and it consists of only five steps.


Please see Comet drawing tutorial in the video below

So I am happy to bring to your attention this wonderful drawing lesson in which I will tell and show you how to draw a comet step by step. Here is another fascinating drawing lesson dedicated to the images of various space objects.

Surely any of you have seen a comet in any book, movie or cartoon. By learning how to draw comet with this simple tutorial you will be able to draw this object if you want to draw space, planet, spaceship or astronaut.

Comets are large cosmic objects composed of frozen gas, rock, and dust that, along with the rest of the celestial bodies in the solar system, revolve around a star. They were formed after the complex processes in which the planets and the Sun were born.

You can now prepare the art materials that you will use to draw the comet. If you’re ready, continue with this lesson, carefully following these instructions. I’m sure you’ll do a great job on this and it won’t be difficult for you.

Comet Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of the stone.
To depict the stone, you should draw a circle-like shape with a slightly jagged edge.

Step 2. Describe the fire near the rock.
Below the previously drawn stone, draw a curved line to draw part of the fire shell.

Step 3. Finish drawing the fire.
Now you need to add the pointed flame above the painted stone using curved lines.

Step 5. Sketch the crater on the rock.
Inside the drawn outline of the stone, add more circles of different sizes, as shown in the image.

Step 6. Color the drawing.
To color the comet, you should use red, orange, yellow and brown.

you can see more drawing:


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