How to Draw Uraraka Step by Step

How to Draw Uraraka with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Anime girl drawing tutorial for beginers and all.

How to Draw Uraraka

Please see Uraraka drawing tutorial in the video below

I am happy to give you another interesting character drawing lesson, and in it, you will learn how to draw Uraraka step by step. This lesson includes nine simple steps that any aspiring artist or child can easily follow.

Uraraka is a student in Class 1-A at Yuuei Academy, trained to become a Professional Hero. Uraraku is loved by many due to its playful nature. She is a friendly, energetic person with a positive attitude towards everything.

She worries about the little things and has a habit of remembering everything. If the situation calls for it, the girl becomes extremely resolute, focused and in some way intimidating, which can surprise others. When it comes to her chosen path as a hero, she doesn’t flinch even in the face of overwhelming hardships.

In terms of appearance, Uraraka has shoulder-length brown hair and large brown eyes. She has two long curls in the front and one short lock in the back. She has special pads on her fingertips, similar to animal paw pads, which are used to activate her superpowers.

Uraraka Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Add contour to Uraraki’s hair.
Above the previously drawn curve, add several curves of different lengths.

Step 2. Sketch the upper body.
Below the previously drawn head contour, draw a few dashed curves.

Step 3. Sketch the belt.
To depict the lower body of the character, use arcs and circles.

Step 4. Draw Uraraka’s legs.
Below the previously drawn elements, add two legs using differently sized curves.

Step 5. Sketch a character’s arm.
On the left side of the body drawn earlier, depict an arm set aside.

Step 6. Add another hand.
Now you should draw the arm on the right side of the torso, symmetrical to the drawing.

Step 7. Draw the character’s facial features.
Draw eyebrows, eyes, and mouth using curved lines, incomplete circles, ovals, and curves.

Step 8. Color the drawing.
To color the Uraraka, use beige, light purple, black, pink and brown.

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