How to Draw Cartoon Snails with Simple

How to Draw cute Cartoon Snails with Simple step by step

This is a simple tutorial to draw an animated snail … this little guy is spending his time going wherever he goes. We will show you how to draw this cute little snail. Learn the steps by following this tutorial.

How to draw cute cartoon snail

Please see the detailed instructions in the video

You can also draw a simple snail in the following steps:

Step 1

Start by drawing two eyes close together. The sixth figure is drawn high up, drawing a curve down the bottom of the L-shaped back.

Step 2

Draw a smile to add a dot above the nostrils, Draw two antennas on the snail’s head.

Step 3

Draw a spiral-shaped shell on its back, So we’ve perfected the cartoon snail.

So just a few simple steps we have drawn a cute snail.

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