How to Draw a Bird for Kids

How to Draw a Bird for Kids step by step

Drawing birds is a great way to make yourself look more closely in nature. Here is a simple cute bird tutorial that I hope will help you to draw birds and understand more deeply. If you understand the anatomy of birds you will be better at drawing what you see.

How to Draw a Bird for Kids step by step

Full and detailed instructions in the video above.

You can also easily draw a cute bird according to the drawing instructions below:

Step 1

I started with a graphite pencil sketch. I drew two circles for the head and body of the bird.

Step 2

Next, draw a mine with a triangle

Step 3

Draw the stylized framework of the feet, marking the joints with small circles and adding the claws.

Step 4

Next draw the rough shape of the tail; It resembles an elongated rectangle

Step 5

Add the stylized shape of the tree, imagine that the bird is parked on it. Then mark the bird.

Step 6

Connect the head and body with a smooth curve, marking the wings. Adjust the shape of the bird’s foot, based on the framework. I add some details to my sketch, like the feathers in the wing and the nuances of the bark.

Step 7

Finally, sharpen the stroke and fill the color. Color your creativity and preferences

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