How To Draw An Old Man Step by Step

How To Draw An Old Man easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How To Draw An Old Man

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

For the first step of the tutorial on how to draw an old man, we will start with his head and face. First, use a smooth curve for the top of his bald head.

Then use some smaller curves for his eyelids and then add his big nose. Then there will be a small mustache under his nose, and then you can add a sharp little chin.

On the other side of his head we will draw the shape of his hair with his round ears in it. Finish off by drawing some short lines for his neck, and then we can move on to the next step!

Step 2 – Now draw some details on the face and hair

You have completed the outline of your old man drawing, so now we can start adding some details to it.

First, use some circles for his half-closed eye on the right, and then add thick brows on top of that.

We’ll also add some more curvy details around his eyes to make his face look a bit more bare.

Then draw some more of his neck, and we will also add some small line details inside his neck. Finally, we’ll complete this step by drawing the collar of his shirt at the back of his neck.

Step 3 – Draw the rest of the shirt and chest

We’ll be leaving our heads as we focus more on his arms and chest in this step of the how to draw an old man tutorial.

When drawing, keep in mind that the left arm will be bent backwards, while the right arm will rest on his cane.

With that in mind, let’s use some curves to draw his shirt fabric in the position we show in the reference image.

You can then draw his chest and waist, and then we’ll finish by drawing his hands at the ends of the sleeves.

Try to get his body at the angle we show in the image, as this will show that he’s slightly stooped.

Step 4 – Next, draw his first leg and his cane

Continuing with your old man drawing, we will now draw his first leg along with his cane. For his stick, you might want to use a ruler to make the edges down into a perfectly straight line.

It will also have a small rubber section on the bottom that you can draw into a small rectangle.

Then, pull a thin belt for him just below his waist before you take the first step. This leg will be pulled out to show that it is moving forward as he walks.

Due to the positioning, we will also see the underside of the shoe he is wearing on this foot. Once you’ve drawn these aspects, we’ll be ready for some final details in the next step!

Step 5 – Add the final details to your old man drawing

In this fifth step of the how to draw an old man tutorial, we will perfect the details and final strokes before you color in the next step.

This leg will extend back to show he’s walking and this anklet will be bent to show he’s in the middle of a stride.

Once this leg is drawn, we’ll be ready to go! Before you do, you can also add some details and elements of your own.

What kind of background setting can you think of for this old man? Maybe you can even draw some more characters with him!

Step 6 – Finish your old man drawing with color

This is the final step of your old man drawing, and in it we will finish with some color. In our reference image, we chose some more muted colors like pale yellow and brown for his clothes, and you can go for a similar look if you want.

You can also use some completely unique colors of your own if you like, so make sure to get creative and make this picture look exactly how you want it to!

What colors, art mediums and techniques will you use to complete this drawing of the old man?

Your Old Man drawing is done!

This concludes our tutorial on how to draw an old man! We hope that this tutorial was helpful to you and that it made drawing this man fun and easy.

As long as you follow the steps in our guide, you should be able to do it in no time!

Remember that starting this tutorial is just the beginning of your drawing fun, as you can continue adding details, background elements, and other creative choices to it. This is your chance to really show your creativity!

Another way to keep your creative journey going is to try one of the many drawing tutorials we have for you on our website. We’ll have more to come soon, so stay tuned!

We’d love to see how your old man drawing turns out, so please share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!

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